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Please check out my other books.  These are written under my married name of Sarah Seaton, please see links in the descriptions to buy copies.


The Nottinghamshire Historian

I have been the editor of The Nottinghamshire Historian magazine for a number of years which includes many articles written on the amazing and vast history of this beautiful county.

The Nottinghamshire Local History Association started in 1953 to bring together organisations and individuals interested in all aspects of the local history of the area. The Nottinghamshire Historian comes out twice a year and is only available to members. Membership is open to everyone.  Please see the NLHA website here for more information.  If you would like to submit an article to the NH please message me at


Tracing Your Ancestors With Unexpected DNA Results: A Guide For Family Historians


Currently In edit.

More and more family historians are taking DNA tests to supplement their family history research.  However for some of the population, the results they receive are unexpected and they are thrust into a world they don't recognise.  For many, they have no idea who they really are, their worlds become blown apart.  With the help of this book, they can piece together the clues they may already have to bring about a positive outcome.


For others, they may be thrust into a life full of rejection and self doubt.  This book not only gives case studies of some of the NPE population (Not Parent Expected), but it offers support and reasoning to enable them to move forwards on their life journey.

Using internet tools and methodical research processes, the reader is guided through how to work out DNA matches that will point them towards their hidden birth families.

A must read book for all family historians.

Childhood and Death in Victorian England


Written under my married name, a vivid and graphic survey of the casualties of childhood during the Victorian Era through detailed and never-before-seen firsthand accounts.
Take a fascinating journey into the real lives of Victorian children—how they lived, worked, played, and far too often, died before reaching adulthood. These true accounts, many of which had been hidden for more than a century, reveal the hardship and cruel conditions endured by young people living through the tumult of the Industrial Revolution. Here are the lives of a traveling fair child, an apprentice at sea, and a young trapper, as well as the children of prostitutes, servant girls, debutantes, and married women, all unified in the tragedy of early death.
Drawing on actual cases of infanticide and baby farming, historian Sarah Seaton uncovers the dismal realities of the Victorian Era’s unwed mothers, whose shame at being pregnant drove them to carry out horrendous crimes. With the introduction of the New Poor Law in 1834, the future for some poor children changed—but not for the better. Yet it was the tragic loss of these many young lives that lead to essential reforms, and eventually to today’s more enlightened views on childhood. Check it out at Amazon

Derby Book of Days


Written under my married name, taking you through the year day by day, The Derby Book of Days contains quirky, eccentric, shocking, amusing and important events and facts from different periods in the history of the city.

Ideal for dipping into, this addictive little book will keep you entertained and informed. Featuring hundreds of snippets of information gleaned from the vaults of Derby’s archives and covering the social, criminal, political, religious, agricultural, industrial and sporting history of the region, it will delight residents and visitors alike. You can buy it at Amazon

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War Time Memories from Amber Valley


Whilst working as a Project Manager for a combined project between the BBC and Derbyshire County Council's Adult Community Education Service I traveled the length and breadth of the Amber Valley District in Derbyshire meeting a host of wonderful people who had amazing stories to tell. 

I interviewed many of the area's residents about their memories of WWII, they were sometimes heartwarming, other times harrowing and all recorded in this book published by Derbyshire County Council.

One of the entries was also featured in a BBC television programme. This was a limited edition print and is now unavailable see Amazon

The story of Greasley Parish Church Nottinghamshire


A beautifully written history of the church, its incumbents and parishioners written in collaboration with Colin Pendleton.  Being visited by locals for over a millennia every church has its own story to tell and Greasley has a very interesting tale of its own with rich connections to D H Lawrence, Captain Cook and The Pilgrim Fathers. Available directly from the parish church office or get in touch with me for a signed copy.