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Feeling the atmosphere

I have just returned from my 2nd holiday in Turkey this year. Love this place so much. Whereas the first holiday here was just that a time to relax with family and friends, my second visit was to help with my writing. I did not take my laptop though, I found a Word app on my Kindle Fire HD 10 and used that as it was easier to transport around. Part of my stay was in the Ovacik area, the second part was Calis Beach where the book is partly set. I really enjoyed just sitting and looking and listening to the world around me so that I could write it all down. It drove me on to be able to write another 6,000 words and helped me reach the end of the story. I also met new people who may or may not have characters in the book based upon them. In Calis we had a beach front apartment which was sublime. Waking up in the morning and sliding open the big patio doors that led out onto a huge balcony overlooking the beach was amazing.

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