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Inspiring Every Time!

For those of you that know me well, you will already know about my love for the country Turkey. It inspires me more than any other place that I have visited. For those of you who also regularly visit the place, you will understand, it frees your soul, well at least that is what it does to me. I feel very confident travelling around on my own and find the Turks friendly, helpful, family orientated, respectful and passionate about their country, I don't blame them! There is so much ancient history you are virtually tripping over it and even if you think that it isn't our history, think again. The skeletons found buried around Stonehenge in England were Anatolian farmers, from Turkey, they travelled across Europe teaching people how to farm, they were the first farmers. They brought their farming skills to the UK, which is why we were able to progress as a nation. They also built the earliest temple in the world, Gobekli Tepe at the time when men were hunter gatherers. I could go on but it would end up as another novel! I have based part of my novel Justice for the Dead in Turkey, I wanted to share a little bit of Turkish culture with you all, I hope that you enjoy reading a little piece of my heart...

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