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Latest Prologue for Justice for the Dead

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


Waking up, Adi Albu tentatively looked around her. Good. She was at home. But something wasn’t right. Her brain was more fuzzy than usual. The teenager lay there looking up at the ceiling, noticing the cracks that haphazardly ran across it, converging in a large hole just off centre. Reaching into the depths of her already confused mind, Adi struggled to remember why she felt as she did. She remembered being out with her friend Maria and a friend of Maria’s buying them drinks, but her memory failed her after that. The fifteen-year-old sat up. She was naked. Pulling the threadbare sheet over her breasts, Adi looked for something to put on. Reaching for her nightshirt, she stood up; searing pain ripped through her inner thighs. Adi looked down at her legs and noticed dried blood smears. It hurt her to walk. As she tried to open the door, the realisation hit her. They locked her in.

‘Maria.’ Adi called for her friend. There was only silence.

She rattled the door handle. ‘Maria, please let me out. Why have you done this?’

Her voice rang out into the emptiness.

With difficulty, she sat back down. The pain was worse now. Adi swallowed hard. She tried to fetch up spit to coat her dry mouth. But there was none. On the dressing table was a bottle of blackcurrant juice. Shuffling over to it, she drank with gusto.

Adi sat listening for any sign Maria had returned. Her head felt foggy and light, and she swayed from side to side, struggling to keep her eyes open. Then, as she drifted off, she heard a noise from the other side of the door, which momentarily brought her back. Metal rattled, then fell against wood. The handle turned slowly as the door opened to reveal the man from their night out.

‘Hello, my beauty. I couldn’t keep away for too long.’ In his hand, he held a bowl of water and flannel. Pushing her back onto the bed, he wiped the blood away from her thighs.

She felt so relaxed. But knew this was wrong. No one had ever touched her down there. She wanted to kick and scream, but the motion ended up as a slight lift of the knee and an incoherent moan.

‘I knew you liked it, you horny bitch.’ He rubbed the flannel even more intimately before he put them to the side and climbed on top of her.

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