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New Year, New Rear!

Updated: Jan 31

So we have finally reached the end of 2021. When we entered the year, everyone was looking forward to coming out of lockdown and getting on with life. On the whole, this has happened, albeit a different one from before. We now have the new Omicron variant of the virus, which appears to be no more than flu-like symptoms for most. The UK is rife with it at the moment, my own daughter, and grandchildren currently have it and they are thankfully ok.

This year we said goodbye to some important people in our lives, in May my mother Georgina died from cancer aged just 76 years, I had not been close to her these last few years due to the non-admittance of telling me who my father really was, still on her death bed she told one of my brothers which caused a big emotional upheaval for us all (siblings I mean) but at least it was out in the open. She never really talked to me about my real father.

A while afterwards, my nephew's dad John Abbiss died from Parkinson's disease, aged 76 years, which he had for many years then my mum's younger sister Jennifer Boulton (nee Bettaney) died from brain cancer aged 74. After this my 2 brothers' dad Alric Gauntlet Taylor died from COPD aged 69 years and finally my mother-in-law Valerie Rooney died on 2nd December aged 81 years from urethral cancer. She will leave such a huge gap in our lives and will be very much missed.

I got to visit Calis Beach, Turkey, it was removed from the Red List on 4th October and so I flew out that day and enjoyed writing more Gideon chapters. As you can see from the picture, it was perfect writing conditions! It's amazing how much the place has changed in just 2 years. I am hoping to go at least twice next year.

I have put my Gideon writing to one side as I have a Nottinghamshire Historian magazine to compile and my contract finally came through for a book about unexpected DNA results.

I am starting back to Eastwood Hall on the 5th January using their gym and swimming facilities and I MUST get back into Yoga as I love it. I am currently tidying up my study to create a space to do it, whilst listening to Buddhist music on my Alexa.

We don't go out for New Year, that's something for the younger generation, but we will be enjoying a family meal tomorrow at home. I never have New Year resolutions, I never keep to them anyway, but I do aim to eat more healthily and exercise more.

Whatever you are doing, I really wish you & yours many hours of love and laughter and good health.

Till next year...


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