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Türkiye time again 💗

I feel very lucky to spend so much time in such a beautiful country, I stayed part way up a mountain in a serene villa. Sometimes paragliders from Babadağ Mountain could be spotted swaying above us against the Byzantine blue sky. Occasionally a squirrel or lizard would scuttle across the patio, whilst birds, butterflies and dragonflies dipped into the pool for a quick drink. At night, as we walked into town a curly haired white dog waited to escort us from just outside the villa gates and when we left for home he turned up just after the taxi to say his farewells. The people were just as helpful and friendly and it was lovely to see old friends. I was inspired to do some writing for my Gideon Carr novels, which is always a bonus. I also met new people who may influence future characters, I take every experience and person and store them in my head and heart, so that you can enjoy reading about them all...

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