Websites to help aspiring Crime Writers

Brian Price offers an insight into the science behind a crime, including how to successfully knock people out, drug them etc Its a great reference point.  There is also a book published on the subject by Brian.

Details on the book here: -

How many times have you read a crime novel describing a poisoning, a stabbing, an explosion or a shooting and realised it's wrong? Mistakes jar and can undermine a brilliant plot. This guide will help you to avoid these mistakes, save you research time and ensure that your writing is scientifically credible. Crime writers increasingly look for accuracy in their work and this book, which assumes no previous scientific knowledge, will be a valuable asset for both novices and experienced writers and will also fascinate readers who love crime fiction. This book explains: * The nature of poisons and how they work. * How to knock out a character and avoid killing them * The nature of explosives are and what happens in an explosion.. * How fires start and their effects on people and buildings. * Firearms, suppressors and how they work. Mechanisms for murder. * Tips on fighting back from an attack and escaping from captivity. * Problems of body disposal and crime scene clean-up. * The nature and use of DNA. * Forensic techniques & how evidence can be misinterpreted. Information about his book can be found here

Louise Harnby offers some great research tools for crime and thriller writers on her website along with her own proofreading service and courses for aspiring editors. You can find her website here


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