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Welcome to the world of Detective Inspector Gideon Carr
I hope you come to love him as much as I do.  Sarah L Francis

Justice for the Dead

An intricately woven story taking you from Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire onto the Fethiye area of South-Western Turkey.

Detective Inspector Gideon Carr is haunted by a family tragedy.  When a young man goes missing in familiar circumstances old wounds resurface. Can Carr solve the mystery before he becomes a victim himself?

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Justice for the Innocent

When three ten-year-old boys go missing from the Nottinghamshire suburbs, it is down to DI Gideon Carr and his dedicated team to work out what happened to them before it's too late. 

With no clues and few sightings, the race is on to get the boys back safely with their families.

However, a grim discovery is made a few miles away.  Has their time already ran out?

Join Gideon on his second investigation as he battles time and an unknown foe.

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With two women already murdered can DI Gideon Carr and his team catch the killer before he takes another life?


The killer remains elusive but a chance discovery takes one of Gideon's team on a whirlwind of a journey where they question the very fabric of who they are, and a woman is confronted with a nightmare from her past.  Can her memories help to catch the killer or is it already too late?


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The September Man

An unexpected secondment back to Turkey sees Gideon return to work with Komiser Cesur Kaya.


Will their past differences affect their work?


Or can they put them aside to catch a highly dangerous and calculating killer before tragedy strikes?

Also a faded face from the past finally reveals themselves and shocks our detectives to their very core. Where can they go from here?


Join DI Gideon Carr on his fourth adventure.

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Justice for the Dead

This video offers a flavour of Gideon's trip to Istanbul with Sena, in Gideon's first book; Justice for the Dead.